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Argon Servo Drive

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Argon is Granite Devices Flagship Servo Drive.


A wide range of unique features includes:

  • Support for AC, BLDC and DC servo motors from 50 W to 1500 W
  • Direct 110-240 VAC input voltage
  • High dynamic range torque control
  • Streamlined setup process
  • And tons more, see Argon Wiki page


    • Dual CPU architecture with dedicated open source ARM CPU for user functionality
    • Input setpoint signals including pulse and direction, quadrature, analog and PWM
    • Internal axis homing function with sensorless hard-stop operating mode


    Rugged Protection:

    • 4-way Safe torque off with motor braking
    • Prevent machine damage via I²t (motor temperature modelling), blocked motion and tracking error detection
    • Industry leading ruggedness: over current, short circuit, over voltage, under voltage and over temperature protections, internally fused, data/communication error detection
    • CE compliance

    Electrical Specifications

    Continuous output current 0-10 A (peak value, not RMS)
    Peak output current 0-15 A (peak value, not RMS)
    Power conversion efficiency 90-95 %
    Logic power supply 24 VDC +/- 10%, 0.1 – 0.5 A
    Motor power supply 85 – 264 VAC 50/60 Hz, 0 – 15 A

    See full specifications here

    Included items

    Required accessories (sold separately)

    One SimpleMotion V2 adapter is required to install and configure Argon drives. One is sufficient for any amount of drives. Purchase here.


    Currently configuration software & documentation is going through finalization and not yet available. However, it is possible to order Argon drives and it becomes usable instantly after software & documentation is released. This should happen during 8.2013.