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Argon is Granite Devices Flagship Servo Drive. These are state of the art precision servo motor drives/controllers for AC, Brushless DC, Brushed DC and stepping motors. Possible control methods include position, velocity and torque modes. Built-in motion profiler enables simple point-to-point moves as well as continuous synchronous motion tracking.

These drives are ideal for a CNC retrofit of an existing machine, or for any OEM application requiring up to 1.5 Kw per motor.


Argon Servo Drive

Argon is Granite Devices Flagship Servo Drive.

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Description IONI is a digital motor drive designed for driving AC/BLDC and DC servo motors and steppers. IONI allows controlling motors in all three operating modes: position control, velocity control and torque control (torque mode only with servo motors). Applications of such control methods include Position

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Our Price $250.00



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SimpleMotion V2 USB Adaptor


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